Raspberry Bushes: A Care and Growing Guide


How to Grow Raspberry Bushes

From knowing how to trim raspberry bushes to taking the proper harvesting measurements, all contribute to top-notch care. Here is how can you look after the bushes:

Tip 1 — Start with selecting the proper place for your planting:

The best care is not possible if you are not cultivating it at the right place. This is why, before planting, you need to be very careful about picking the right place. Pick a place that gets enough sunlight. Your plants need full sunshine.

Tip 2 — Ensure the proper way of planting:

To get the best growth of your raspberry bushes, it is better to plant during the early spring. As your plants start arriving, you need to plant them quickly. If you cannot plant it quickly, ensure keeping the roots in a cool and moist place.

Tip 3 — Watering the raspberry bushes:

Watering plays great importance for the raspberry bushes. While watering, you need to take special care of the young plants. As your young plant gets established, you need to ensure the proper watering.

Tip 4 — Pruning of the raspberry bushes:

If you want to have 2 crops in the first year, then it is better to leave unpruned. For achieving the fall crop, you need to opt for the mowing of all the canes down with 2'-3'. After the fall harvest during the spring or after winter, this is the best way of pruning.

Tip 5 — Fertilizing the raspberry bushes:

During the first year of fertilizing, you need to add actual nitrogen. You can also add 10–10–10 nitrogen. Keep it 3"-4" away from the base of the plant area, or it can do harm to the roots.

basket of berries

The Bottom Line on Growing Raspberry Bushes

Raspberries are not that hard to take care of. However, you cannot go casual with regular care. To get those juicy and firm sweet raspberries, trimming and pruning the bushes is important. Also, don’t forget to add a good quality fertilizer.



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