Gardening, For Kids, Is A Hands On Learning Opportunity

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Do You Homeschool or Plan Enrichment Activities?

Gardening helps kids with fine motor skills, large motor skills, and critical thinking. However, it also gives them a feeling of pride and success. Also, it gives them responsibility for taking care of these little, growing plants.

Tip 1 — Give kids their own garden tools

Let your child have his or her own tools. You can order them on Amazon and ship them right to your doorstep.

Tip 2 — Let the kids get dirty

Let them get dirty! It’s okay! I promise, they wash up just fine. Kids love to feel interesting textures. This encourages imagination and curiosity about their surroundings.

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Tip 3 — Let kids garden by digging up root vegetables

Let them learn to harvest root vegetables. Root vegetables don’t require shears to harvest, so they are very safe. Carrots, beets, and radishes are perfectly easy to pull out of the soil. Also, your child can damage a plant, such as a cucumber plant, by accidentally pulling up the whole thing. Therefore, root vegetables are perfect for developing fine motor skills.

Tip 4 — Let the little ones water the garden

Let the kids water the garden. Kids love to put water and dirt together to make mud. They are fascinated by it. When they get big enough to help you with this, it actually can become a chore that they enjoy.

Tip 5 — Let the kiddos decorate a container garden

Let your kids have their own container garden to decorate. This way, you can put all your pretty finishing touches on your garden while they have their own “gardening project.” Let them use rocks, pebbles, small plants, flowers, and small toys. The opportunity for creative expression may very well surprise — a fairy garden perhaps?

The Bottom Line on Gardening For Kids

Remember, gardening with kids can be a lot of fun. Focus on staying positive. Give them small, manageable tasks that they are able to accomplish. Don’t worry about perfection. Most of all, have fun and treasure these precious moments in time.



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