Gardening, For Kids, Is A Hands On Learning Opportunity

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Gardening, for kids, is a perfect hands-on learning opportunity. After all, kids love dirt. They love to squish their toes in it, sift it through their little fingers, make mud pies, and play in it!

Turning that love of digging in the dirt is an opportunity for you, the parent, to sneak in a little bit of teaching! So, get them out into the garden.

Do You Homeschool or Plan Enrichment Activities?

Believe me, I know that you want your garden to look pretty and you worry that your little ones help will probably not be to that higher standard. I would challenge you to just give it a try. With your guidance, your child can get hands-on with you and learn a great skill. The results just might surprise you!

The key to success is to focus on assigning them the tasks that they can do rather than telling them what they can’t do.

Not to mention the fact that they will enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and expend energy while outside digging in the dirt!

Here are a few tips for engaging your children in the garden.

Tip 1 — Give kids their own garden tools

Why purchase their own?

First, they are safer than yours. They will get the job done, but there are no sharp edges.

Second, it makes your child responsible for her own set of tools. Teach this at an early age. It will set your kiddo up for success later. The development of good habits will remain with him for life.

Tip 2 — Let the kids get dirty

Jobs like raking will develop large motor skills. Let them help you rake the soil level before you plant. Even if they make a mistake, it’s not going to damage the garden. Your kids will love helping you and feel empowered by doing such an important job!

teenager gardening
teenager gardening

Tip 3 — Let kids garden by digging up root vegetables

Use the opportunity to teach very young children about colors and why it’s healthful to fill their plate with all different fruits and veggies. You can explain about red or green apples, orange carrots, and green kale — and teach nutrition as they have fun.

Tip 4 — Let the little ones water the garden

Take the opportunity to teach kids basic science principles. Or, never mind, just let them play with the water hose!

Tip 5 — Let the kiddos decorate a container garden

The Bottom Line on Gardening For Kids

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