25 Best Side Hustle Ideas to Put Money in Your Pocket

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What is a side hustle?

A side hustle is any job or task you undertake in addition to your normal/full-time job — to supplement your income.

25 Best Side Hustle Opportunities

Let’s move on and look at some excellent self-employment opportunities.

1. Provide bookkeeping services to small business owners

No, bookkeeping isn’t accounting. As a bookkeeper, your work simply records the day’s financial transactions for that particular business and then leaves the accountant’s interpretation part.

2. Rent out a room on Airbnb

If you’re in dire need of some quick cash and renting out your home or that extra room is all you have to do — then consider Airbnb.

3. Drive for a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft

Ridesharing comes with a lot of flexibility in terms of time — you decide what hours to work.

4. Deliver groceries for a service

Deliveries are a hot trend now. Most people are resorting to having their purchases (including groceries) delivered to their doorstep.

5. Write an ebook to sell

Gone are the days when there used to be too much friction surrounding book publishing.

6. Offer your office skills as a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant services are among the most demanded remote work skills, and the various niches just present endless opportunities for those resorting to work-from-home.

7. Do remote customer service or call center work

There are numerous established companies out there looking for remote customer services, and most of them (as you may think) are keen on experience.

8. Sign up to teach English online

Do you speak fluent English but don’t have a degree? Try sites like Cambly, or Open English. They don’t have too many restrictions when it comes to the level of experience or whether you have a degree.

9. Provide lawn care services

It’s one of those side hustles you can easily turn into a full-time career within a short period.

10. Clean houses or offices

Don’t have the skills yet? Just find a friend who is already doing the job and accompany them just to find out how it’s done.

11. Provide childcare to busy parents

If you don’t have space (or don’t meet the requirements needed) to set up an in-home daycare service, then you may want to start as a babysitter — doing the job part-time (mostly in the evenings) — or as a regular nanny.

12. Tutor children

Parents are increasingly surfing the internet for credible and reliable online tuitions for their children.

13. Drive for a restaurant delivery service

Some restaurants (depending on where you live) offer higher pay, which is subject to the number of deliveries you make.

14. Provide housesitting services

People always worry about leaving their homes unattended when they travel, and so they resort to house sitting services.

15. Walk dogs or become a petsitter

For you to take on this side hustle, you must love pets, and you must be trustworthy.

16. Offer event planning services

You may want to begin with a pro-bono to help spread the word about your services. Plan a wedding, graduation party, or another event for a friend who can brag about your organizational skills.

17. Rehab and flip furniture

This hustle entails sourcing inexpensive furniture from Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, yard sales, then refurbishing them and reselling for a profit.

18. Write an e-course and sell it online

Before you skip over this side hustle — saying that there is nothing you can create a course about, think of that stuff you are good at.

19. Provide medical transcription services

Generally, transcription entails typing out recorded audios and is mostly a work-from-home job.

20. Get crafty

Make your crafts (which can include things such as homemade wreaths, seasonal décor, or any other art piece) and sell them to friends or neighbors.

21. Offer freelance writing services

It could be copywriting, resume writing, or recipes, anything you are good at because, after all, content marketing has gone ablaze now.

22. Sign up to be a mystery shopper

As a mystery shopper, you’re more like an “undercover” customer. You’re hired to shop in a store (and in the process) collect data.

23. Host a garage sale or yard sale

As you declutter your house, you can decide to put the items you no longer use (but are still in good shape) up for sale.

24. Curate and resell clothing

One general rule that holds when it comes to flipping items is to get the stuff at a lower price and resell them for as much as you can.

25. Design t-shirts and sell them online

Print-on-demand t-shirts are the best. And there are ready platforms to get you on your feet.

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Four best practices to ensure a successful side hustle

Do some soul searching before you undertake the journey to self-employment.

1 — Pick what you will enjoy.

It’s normal sometimes to not feel like working or doing the same task over and over again. But when you do something you’re passionate about, you are going to always want to work without pushing yourself.

2- Ensure the idea is financially viable

You want to supplement your income, and that’s why you’re starting the side hustle. It just makes sense to choose something that will bring you the extra money you need.

3 — The idea should fit your current schedule

First, you should acknowledge that the job you’re starting on the side will eat up your free time.

4 — Learn the local laws

Finally, make sure you comply with local laws and ordinances. It would be awful to become a thriving solopreneur only to have your local town council put you out of business.

  • Zoning: Are you able to operate a business out of your home legally? Some communities require a small license (which comes at a small fee).
  • Insurance: Should you obtain insurance? (If you are driving, caring for others, or might have guests at your home…yes!)
  • Income taxes: How much income tax should you withhold for state and federal taxes? Don’t get an unwelcome surprise during tax season!

The Takeaway: Working a Side Hustle Can Help You Earn Extra Cash

Side hustles are a great way to increase your income and offset any debt or financial need you may have, as well as grow your retirement savings.



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